Macbook Air and internal wireless

I have a C25 Enterasys wireless controller. We have a few Macbook Airs on site. One has Maverick installed and it connects to the internal and guest wireless just fine. One has Yosemite and it can connect to the guest, but not the internal. The network configurations are the same on the laptops. Maverick connects @ 5mhz /n - Yosemite 5mhz/ac. The guest goes straight out to the internet and does not touch the internal network. Both laptops are connected to the domain. Has anyone see this behavior in the past. I tried changing channels on the AP, but no luck. The AP I am closest to is a 3825. I am just not sure why one connects and the other does not. Any help will be appreciated.
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Check out
That is a good point, but I checked and the laptop is on 10.10.3. To add, I was given false information and did not verify - both laptops are running Yosimite 10.10.3. The laptop that is unable to connect internal has a newer firmware version vs. That is the only difference I can tell as of yet.
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Does it work if you disable AC mode on the AP? I've heard of this helping with another vendor.
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I had recognized many reconnection failures of IOS devices. Especially if RADAR and DCS is active. Try to update the AP to the current Firmware, it fixes some of the issues. If not possible, try to deactivate both.