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Migrating settings from cisco virtual controller V2110 to C5210

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Hello i have currently two V2110 controller in HA. And we have purchased 2 – C5210s and we be installing them soon. My question is how do I migrate them over the C5210? I do not believe that I cannot simply back up the V2110(Config’s, CDRs, Logs, Audit and Rogue) and restore that to the C5210. Anyone has tried before? .Thanks

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I think the heading might have a curse word in it....
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There are different options and they depend on the setup, skill...

Let's say the current setup is hot standby HA = 2nd controller has no local APs.
Just turn of the 2nd controller, turn on the new C5210 and configure the HA IP and the major settings should get synced, if all is in sync. move the APs to the C5210, turn off the 1st controller and replace it with the 2nd C5210 and config HA IP and sync again and that is it.
Controllers old/new should have the same software installed.

You'd also change some settings in the config file - mainly the port numbering/naming and import the config file - but for that you need the right skill, if you never worked with the CLI commands just forget it.

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The migration path from a V2110 to C5210 should support the configuration to be saved off the V2110 and loaded on the C5210. Make sure they are on the same code track first. Here's our maintenance guide going over the steps starting at the bottom of page 45:


The guide shows how to export the config and import it via CLI on SSH session, but the same can be done through Web GUI export / import of configuration.

Ryan Careno
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Migrated done successfully, thnks for support.
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Elena Madrigal wrote:

Migrated done successfully, thnks for support.

I know you've been a member for a while Elena, but really glad to see you making your voice heard on the Hub. Good stuff!