Mixed scenario V2110 SW 10 controller with AP39xx and backup, V9 controller with AP26xx

We want to create a mixed scenario with a master V2110 SW V10 with AP39xx and a backup V9 with AP26xx. This scenario must work for a week while we migrate the AP. What happened with the existing AP26xx AP in the V10 database because the AP26xx is not supported in V10. Will the master destroy the AP 26xx in the foreign controller as well? Should we keep availability mode during the update period?

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Hi Danny,

the APs are removed from the v10 DB as the AP model is not recognized.
That will also remove the AP26xx from the v9 controller if they are foreign.

There is no redundancy during the AP replacement.

Personally I'd remove availability during the replacment and turn it on as soon as the 2nd controller is on v10.

PS: don't use 10.41

Hi Ron,

Does this means that we have to upgrade the backup controller first instead of the master because all AP26xx are local on the master. If we upgrade the master controller to V10 , will all foreign AP automatically be removed from the backup. Even if we deactivate availibility, will all foreign AP be removed on the backup controller?
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they get removed from the v10 and I think also from the v9 if they are only foreign.

Just move them to the backup controller before the upgrade it's one click to switch from foreign to local.

On the backup controller in (from memory, I don't have an v9 handy) > AP > access approval > select the APs > select approve as local.