More than one Portal Page on V2110 controller

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is there a possibility to setup more than one Captive Portal page on a V2110 Controller?

Challenge are two SSIDs on different VLANs in a Building where Guests and permanent residents should be separated and authenticate via different Captive Portals or Username password.

We have no NAC installed there


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No, you are only able to configure one.

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ok thx for info!

have to find another solution to fix that issue then...
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It depends what you mean by "Captive Portal". If you're referring to Integrated Guest Portal (where the user credentials database is the controller itself), then as Ronald mentions there is only one instance per controller.

However, the other Captive Portal configurations (Internal Captive Portal [radius authentication of users], Guest Splash or full External Captive portals) don't have that limit. You can have a unique configuration per WLAN service.

For user authentication you'd need access to a Radius Server [ NAC or any other RADIUS server implementation]