MU/client report with AP3912i

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I've a "special" setup which looks like that....

AP3912i --> wired port#3 connects an AP3801i and MUs are connected to this AP with a bridge@AP topology.

Everything works but the thing that bugs me is that the MUs are shown as 802.3 clients in the client report.

That isn't completely wrong because the MAC is bridge@AP on the AP3801i to port#3 of the AP3912i but I thought that the 802.11 information would take precedence over the 802.3 information in the report.

example> the first line show the AP3801i connected to P3 of the AP3912, the other 2 clients are connected via wireless to the AP3801i but are shown as wired on the AP3912i


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Please open a GTAC case.
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If a client in my scenario is moviing from the AP3801i to another AP (AP3825e in the below example) that has a direct CAPWAP connection the port/protocol is still 802.3 even the MU is clearly connected via 802.11 (screenshot below).