NAC Social Network Registration Ideas

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Working with NAC's Facebook registration for guest access, and discussing with some customers, some ideas come up...

I don't know if it's on the roadmap, but some customers asked me about to features they would like to see in the upcoming NAC releases:

1) Goggle Registration: Some customers user Google services for a lot of uses and would like to register guests with Google Auth.

2) Twitter Registration: As Google, some customers would like to see an option to register with Twitter.

3) Social Networks Sponsored guest registration: The customers involved in my last demo asked about the possibility of using social networking registration with sponsorship. In the user guide it shows as not allowed, but should be a good feature.

What do you think about it?

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I think google would be awesome, because we tire with google and use shibboleth (I think).

Twitter would be cool as well, but google would be great!
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I remember a customer request for Shibboleth integration into NAC. The customer came from a higher education background.
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Google would be great, as there are many education organizations using Google Apps/Suite for Education!