new WLAN AP 3825i version could not connect to controller

I've received new APs 3825i. I've connected the APs to my LAN, the APs receives an IP Address via DHCP. Our configuration uses DHCP Options and DNS query "Controller" as fallback. I can connect to the APs via ssh. I see queries for "Controller" on my DNS Server. I can ping the Controller from the APs.

I can*t see any indications that the APs are contacting the Controller. No entry in "bulk config" and no entry in the Controller logging.

The new APs comes with Version

Other APs (allredy in use) are on Version

controller is on Version

Any idea?

Also I've tried to set the IP configuration of the AP and the authIP manually - also without success. I've other AP 3825i in the same subnet. They came up without Trouble.


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Hi Frank, try connection to one of your AP's and running 'tail -f /tmp/log/ap.log' then post the results here. That t will give these guys an idea of what's going on in the mind of the access point. I am guessing that they are trying to upgrade the firmware and failing fur some reason.
Hi Steve,

thanks for your reply. Here the Output from the command:

I think the following line is interesting.

Jan 1 00:05:17 cap: 00265:logging.c:866-show_one_alarm()-ALARM 566 INFO: 318 sec in cycle 178: The AP has failed to connect to AC using secure tunnel.

But how to establish the secure tunnel? Ore is it possible to connect without a secure tunnel?

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I assume that this is a new model -1 AP, a AP3825i-1 - please check the product number on the back of the AP.

From the below KB article...
"The newer model WS-AP3825-1 AP's require 9.21.08 or 10.01.04"

[The article has been archived and is no longer available]
Hi Ronald,

you are right.


so I need to upgrade the controllers.

have a nice weekend

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and Steve - thank you to
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Hi Frank, yes you need to upgrade so the controller could recognize the new model number.

Wish u also a great weekend,