Oneview not Identifying the AP HW type

I added two new ap3825i's. They both show up in my controller but slightly differnt than the rest all of them show up as AP3825i and the new ones show up as AP3825i-1 for model. Now the problem I am having is that I have netsights and in oneview they show up as ap38xx and it says unknown for ap hw type. Anyone have an idea as to why this is or what I can do to correct it?


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Could you tell us the Netsight version that you run...
I am running NetSight Suite I believe. It also says Server JRE Version 1.7.0_79.
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I'm running latest v7 and I'd see the correct value so my assumption is that the hw model type isn't implemented in the 6.3 version yet.

Ok, I will look into updating it thanks.