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PoE Overload/Fault with AP3715i

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone is seeing the same issue I am. I have over 1200 APs installed on a couple of C5210 controllers running code. Those 1200+ APs are broken down to the following three models:

650+ are 3715i
390+ are 3825i
150+ are 3610i

These are connected to either C3G124-48P (running or C5G124-48P2 (running code) switches.

It seems like every week or so I get a 3715i AP that is down and when I look at the switch port, it says "PoE Overload or Fault". When I replace the AP with another new 3715i, the switch port is fine and the new AP comes up instantly so it doesn't appear to be a switch issue. I've tried connecting the problem AP to different PoE switches in our lab as well as just plugging it in to a PoE Injector and it won't come up. It's dead, so we get it RMA'd and a day later a new one shows up. I wouldn't care if this happening once in a while, but I've had to replace 20+ access points and it only seems to happen to the 3715i. We've opened a case with the GTAC a few months ago, but never heard back. I'm getting tired of replacing APs. I was just curious if anyone was having the same problem.


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Hello Rich,

Sorry you have had issues with the 3715. If you can provide the ticket number I will look into it for you. We can have a failure analysis run for you on your most recent RMA.

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Hi Doug. We just RMA'd (3) 3715s with this issue today (case # 01167363). I should have the replacements in a couple of days and these should be on their way back to you guys by the end of the week.

-Rich P.
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Got it, thanks Rich.
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Hello Rich
I have opened a new case # 01167380 to track these failures and to inquire with our Quality Group to see if we are noticing any POE failure trends.
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Thanks Craig.