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Print from wireless segment to wired segment is not working

I have a printer in a wired segment with this ip and my wireless segment is but I can not print, ipforwarding is enabled in both vlans and both are reachable by ping. I have an x250e switch. and AP's are 3825i. Any idea?

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Hey Juan

Is the wireless tunneled to controller or locally bridged?

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Could it be that the print service is working via multicast - that is disabled per default in the WLAN topology.

GUI > VNS > Topologies > select the Topology > select the multicast filters tab
You'd try it out and enable "multicast bridging" and add the "all multicast" + wireless replication.

I had the same issue with my Osram Lightfy (home automation) and with Apple TV.
It´s locally bridged. Now I can print but can not scan :S... I did enable "multicast bridging"