probe suppression on radio 1 and radio 2

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As per the extreme article below:

Is it applicable for both the radios or any 1 radio ?

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This is applicable for both radio's. You might want to confirm with GTAC before enabling this, as I was recently on the phone with them and they mentioned that there is a current known bug with Probe suppression and said not to enable it at this time.
Resolved in firmware 9.21.08 or higher
Fix pending in 10.x firmware track
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we are running 9.21.10.x , we have enabled probe suppression on radio 2 only. should we disable probe suppression on both radios.
Well, it depends if you want people connecting at an RSS value that's -5 below your threshold, I would enable it.. For example, we have a lot of sticky clients that hate roaming... I know they try to stay connected up until -88 - -93 dB... usually on 5 Ghz.. so i set my RSSI max value for FD to the client will be kicked at -88, and usually just grab a closer AP and be much happier. -88 is garbage so I try to move of off.
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U mean to say for both radios , enable probe supression and set RSSI value for FD to -83. or -83 is for 5ghz only ? then what about 2.4 ghz
Well it depends. You are shrinking your cell size when you do this, so make sure you have acquitted coverage. One quick and dirty way of doing this is looking at the report "nearby APs". Make sure you see adjacent APs with different channels but okay RSSI values.. If you have a decent bit over overlap, go ahead and set it. You can also set the FD value to -77 for the 2.4 Ghz radio. Because honestly, unless you are line of site or in a noiseless environment, 2.4 at a -82 is going to be hosed..

I would do some testing.. Make sure you don't have any spots where connection is okay but RSSI might be poor and then you inadvertently kick someone off.

An example of this is our sports dome.. It's in the middle of a field, only has 6 APs in it. There is hardly anyone it it, so if someone gets has an RSSI of -80 on 2.4, he might do alright, so I wouldn't want to kick him.. etc.. that's the way ya got to think.. then built it to your needs and specifications. There is no one magic number that works for every location. I found that out the hard way 😉
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Then I'll go ahead setting -80 for both 2,4 and 5ghz is it fine? I am seeing few users on 80's and very few on 90's out of 4000+ clients we have.