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problem with apple mobile to connect accesspoint

I use from c5210 and ap3825i and ap3865e then apple device disconnect
intermittent from accesspoint.
please help me to solve this problemm

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What's the authentication type etc? Please post more specifics!
I use from radius server windows 2012
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Hi Mikaeil Beigpour,

What is the software version running on the controller as well as on the APs?
my Controller software version is
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Mikaeil Beigpour,

A similar issue has been reported in

Some radio settings that needed to be updated.

  • Radio 1 changes: RTS/CTS Threshold = 2346, N-Guard Interval = Long, power to 19 and 20 dBm.
  • Radio 2 changes: RTS/CTS Threshold = 2346, G-protection = None, RSS threshold = -72
Please upgrade to
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Mikaeil Beigpour,

Researching in our KB noticed an Article reporting a similar issue:-