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Problem with C35 controller and AP3705i

AP3705i (firmware have problem with register to C35 (firmware even when I add a static IP of C35.
Acces point boots periodically with error 0d00:00:17: CRITICAL, Warm start firmware due to unspecified reason
1872: 0d00:00:30: CRITICAL, Ethernet link up
I have also AP3610 (firmware 9.21) and this device works fine with controller.
I assume that this could be a problem with old firmware on AP.
I don't have permission to download AP firmware from extranet.extremenetworks.com
Is any possibility to download appropriate file for AP ?

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Firmware for the AP's is included with the controller image, see this article: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/How-is-firmware-downloaded-to-the-IdentiFi-Wireless-Access-Points

The AP maybe trying and failing to upgrade, do you permit tftp between the AP and controller?

I would recommend you open a case with GTAC to get the logs analysed

Thnx for quick reply, TFTP is working fine. Everything is in one vlan without acl or policy. I'll try to open case on GTAC.