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Product request: 3825i AP template and different size of drywall screws

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I have been installing a lot of 3825i access points lately, and I have a few complaints about what comes in the box.

#1 - The screws are way too small! They are so short and narrow, they have no hope in opening up the plastic drywall anchors and the weight of the AP pulls them straight out of the ceiling.
#2 - You have to make your own template to attach them to drywall. I usually do this by taking the fold-out brochure that comes in the box and I do a pencil running of the back of the AP. 🙂

I am suggesting that:
#1 - The correct size screws and plastic anchors are put in the box. I have found #6-8 x 3/4" anchors to be a perfect fit.
#2 - A drilling template should be included. Nothing fancy. Just using the back of the printed brochure would work.

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could you review the 3912i please?? It is worst than you can imagine for large deployments...
Maybe your considerations could be included at the next model.

For 3912i...
yo cant connect rj45 witch "brick ceiling", the instalation is so slow.
why you cant connect another ap to the extended port? it will be usefull to put hight density in any area quickly using another 3912i ap. In some scenarios 3935i 4x4 AP is not useful.
you cant see the leds very well under the ap.

next time I will post more from the adapter to fix to the ceiling...
I do appreciate the new mount that includes the drop ceiling attachment built in, without an additional kit needing to be purchased, but this also has taken away the ability to install the mounting bracket then being able to attach the Access Point by sliding it in place and either the clip, like on the 2610 models holding the Access Point in place or a screw, like on the 3710 models, would secure the Access Point to keep it from falling. Both could be a pain when installing but was less frustrating. Now to install an Access Point when not using a ceiling grid you have to make sure to have room to screw in the mounting screws to bracket or manufacture your own additional mount to attach the provided bracket to. This all said, the 3825i bracket is only appropriate when used in office areas with a drop ceiling and lacks any options outside of that in its current state.