Roaming Issues with Extreme Access Wireless - Dropouts

  • 11 August 2019
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Hello, have a customer with 2x 5215 controllers setup in Fast Failover/Session Availability - so no Mobility is required. Roaming between Access Points causes quite a few ICMP Ping drops approx 4-5 and often can cause complete loss of wireless. When you manually try to connect to fails a number of times like the controller is rejecting the client, sometimes it connect but has no DHCP address.
Then after approx 30 seconds it will connect and have the same address as before.

This is a Layer 2 Roam so no Mobility is required the device keeps same IP Address.

This occurs on different devices including iPad Pro, iPhone and MacBook Pro and the devices are not panic scanning as the APs are in close enough proximity when this occurs.

This occurs on Open SSID but also on WPA2-PSK so no RADIUS issue.

The software is quite up to date. I configured NTP server on the Controllers as this was missing but still getting drops out and disconnects.

Any tips or does anyone else have any experience of this?

2 replies

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What code are you running, is it bridge at controller or access point? and Bridge at Controller