Separating two networks with V2110 connected to an unmanaged switch

Is it possible to separate networks by using an unmanaged Switch? I want to provide two VNS, one for Guests going to a separate gateway and DHCP. The other VNS for internal connection going to the company gateway and DHCP Server. The customers topology only offers an unmanaged switch at this point. Any ideas? I have tried a lot of different topology settings but I always get conflicts with the two DHCP servers.

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Hi Marco,

you'd use "routed" topology and set the DHCP mode to relay.
So WLAN service guest has DHCP-server#1 as relay IP and WLAN service internal uses DHCP-server#2.
You'd need to add static routes for the two subnets on the core router.

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I would suggest contacting the GTAC so we can review all your requirements and current configuration. I'm pretty sure based on what you are asking that we can get this working for you.
Hi Ronald, hi Doug,
thank you for you quick response. As always 😉
Does this mean I have to configure routed topology internal for esa0 and routed topology guest on esa1? Then configure static routes to the core router and from there to the different networks and DHCP Servers?
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Marco, could you please let us know the switch vendor/model of this unmanaged switch.