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Session Availability on IdentifI Wireless Controller C35

I have few question about Session Availability on IdentifI Wireless Controller C35.I have three controller on different location and each Controller have own APs. If I need to use C35-No.1 is Primary for APs-No. 1 to 25 and Backup for APs-No. 26 to 50, C35-No.2 is Primary for APs-No. 26 to 50 and Backup for APs-No. 51 to 75, C35-No.3 is Primary for APs-No. 51 to 75 and Backup for APs-No. 1 to 25. (can see in picture).

Could I do with this Topology?

Thank you


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HA is only working in pairs, Controller#1 and 2, Controller 3 and 4.

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Hi Piyapong,

additional notes for Session Availability:

- Required Fast Failover to be enabled
- Requires NTP to be configured on each Controller
- Applies to WLAN clients on B@AC VNS's and B@AP VNS's

Best practice is to use the Availability Wizard to reduce the chances of misconfiguration between controllers.

Thank you.

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For more than 2 controllers you can use the mobility feature. Then a client can roam from ap on controller A to ap on controller B to ap on controller C
Thank you, Raffi

I will try to implement with HA for Controller 1 & 2, And use Mobility between HA & Controller 3.

Thank you for advising.