setting an access point up for site survey

Hi I am configuring an Access point for doing my first site survey with extreme access points one of the steps is to Set both radios to a desired channel and max power. Is there a reason why the radios have to be at max power 14dbm will this not lead to issues with over lap

Does anyone have a recommendation or a reason why the radios should be at max power

Thanks for any replies

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How many access points will you be using for the survey?
I will be using one with a power pack and move it around the floor using air magnet to do the survey
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Are you verifying measurements based on a predictive plan and need to set the channel and tx power according to the plan or are you just looking for signal propagation based on where the AP is located?
I will be doing a physical survey moving the ap around the floor to different positions and taking readings with air magnet to make sure I have -67 db coverage on the whole floor