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Setting up AP 7522i

  • 15 December 2018
  • 6 replies


I'm working with a device that I need help setting up, this is a AP-7522i device and saw the IP address on the bottom but it's inaccessible.

Let me know if you need further information.

Thank you.

6 replies

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wrong sub forum > thats a WiNG AP
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What do you mean by 'inaccessible'? Did you try HTTPS instead of HTTP? Did HTTPS work? Do you have Flash plugin blocked? Did you try admin:admin123? On what point are you?
What is the firmware version and is this a new AP or bought from somebody that was already using it?

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I'm trying to get access to the Web UI of the access point, there's an IP address assigned to it but doesn't seem to be accessible in that the page errors out with "too long to respond" error. On the back of the AP has the IP Address that's labeled on the device itself so I'm not sure what's the proper way to get access to it.

This device is already installed so I'm not sure what configuration they made in terms of accessing the AP.

Let me know if you need any further information or I can move this thread to the relevant forum.
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I'm almost sure some moderator can move it.

So the device is already installed, nothing fresh? So by the IP address you mean '169.254.xxx.xxx' or something provided by someone who deployed those APs? By default WiNG APs try to get an IP address from DHCP server so if there is one in their VLAN, you should lookup the leases for relevant MAC address.
Can you ping the IP address?
Did you try HTTPS or HTTP only?
Can you reach the AP CLI via SSH, Telnet or console connection?

If there were any changes made in the 'Management Policy' for an AP, you might experience difficulties using this or that method.
Is this a standalone AP or should it be managed by a controller?

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I'm able to scan the network and find the access point, the IP address is there and alive. I've tried entering the IP address with port 80 and 8000 after the colon. I'm able to use Putty to try and logging in but it seems the passwords doesn't let me through so I'll be putting try to reset it next. For this particular model, would I need a serial connection in order to reset the configuration?
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Did you try port 443 as well as 80/8000?

For factory default via CLI, see here: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-factory-reset-access-point-4522/
For factory default without CLI, see here for console-based method: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/Unable-to-login-to-WM3700/
WiNG 5.X Software
From a Console connection, login to the controller with the following credentials:

Username: reset
Password: FactoryDefault

Hope that helps,