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Setting Up NAC Portal on WLAN

  • 24 January 2019
  • 2 replies

I'm pretty new to Extreme and when I started my position a few years ago, the previous director couldn't get the Guest Portal 100% working with out NAC. I just disabled the NAC and portal when I started so we could just control the Guest Network with a password. Recently I have been looking at using the NAC on another WLAN but can't seem to get it working 100% either.

I finally got the WLAN to redirect me to the portal but am having some issues with it.

1) Whenever a user first tries to go to a site, it gives them the warning that it is unsecured and they have t click Advanced and Proceed to this Site. Is there a way to fix this so it just takes them straight to the portal page?

2) The way the portal was set up before I arrived (haven't changed the actual look and feel) the main portal page shows our logo with a link that says "Click here to connect to network". Whenever the link is click on Mobile or a Computer it immediately says the the has dropped the connection. I can never seem to get the first initial page and make it so they can get or enter credentials. Any ideas on this?

Thank you in advance to any and all who can help me through this problem.

2 replies

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Hello Parker,

1) The portal is set to use HTTPS, and there is no trusted root CA SSL certificate provided to the portal that could be presented when a browser loads the page. You would have to generate and provide such SSL certificate to the NAC so a client browser will be sure, that the SSL connection is trusted and secure (more or less).

Kind regards,
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For 2), in the portal network settings, untick "Display Welcome Page" https://emc.extremenetworks.com/content/oneview/docs/control/access_control/docs/portal_config/c_ov_ia_captive_portal_config_network.htm