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Slow Wireless Throughput

  • 1 February 2019
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I noticed our throughput isn't what I would expect on our wireless devices. We have a guest network as well as a corporate network and both of my test cases only yield about a 20-30 Mbps.

With my corporate device I believe this is about the best I could expect, however I know my iPhone can do more. If I connect a laptop to our wired guest network I can achieve a greater throughput so I'm sure this is on my wireless side.


Controller: Virtual on 10 GB backbone.
Connected AP: 3935i

Corporate Network-
Topology: B@EWC
Device Wireless: Centrino N
Protocol: 2.4n
RSS: -40
802.1x authentication

Guest Network-
Topology: B@EWC
Device: iPhone 7
Protocol: 5.0a
RSS: -44
Pre-shared key

2 replies

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I've just run a test on my AP3935-ROW for max. throughput (=settings that I'll never use in a real deployment) and get 230Mbps with my Surface 5 on the first try.

The settings that impact throughout the most is the channel width (max = 80MHz) and what the clients supports.

As you'd see below my AP is set for channel# 52,56,60,64.

MCS table for reference > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11ac#Data_rates_and_speed

My settings....

BTW, I use bridge@EWC only for guest solutions but never for the corporate SSIDs because the controller could be a bottleneck.

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