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Some clients fail to connect until AP rebooted

I have the V2110 controller and a bunch of AP3825's in my network. Periodically I will hear about someone who is having trouble connecting (either a new client, or an existing client that had previously associated).

It started with an iPad where once a month it wouldn't see the AP. But when they'd bring me the iPad it would work when it was connected to the AP in my office. I finally got to troubleshoot it on site but it wouldn't connect. I told it to forget the network and when I attempted to add it back, it would tell me the password was incorrect. But I walk it down to my office and it would accept the password. I discovered the following web site, but I had already enabled that feature to no avail:

Now it seems to be happening to various devices that are connected to various APs. Today a Windows laptop wouldn't associate. I rebooted the AP and then it would accept the password.

We're running I'm hoping there is a known bug and all we have to do is upgrade.
I haven't upgraded yet because I still have some AP3660s in the field- I don't believe they are compatible with 10. I'm working on removing/replacing these.


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You'd least upgrade to v9.21.19.

What auth/privacy is used on the WLAN service.
It actually happens on many WLAN services- they're all WPA2-PSK no no auth policy.
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- is it set to WPAv2 AES only or auto
- is WPAv1 disabled
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Hi Thomas,

try it with disable d Management Frame Protection: (MFP ) .
It's enabled by default.
WLAN Services->Privacy -> Management Frame Protection:

Umut Aydin

Actually both. One has WPAv1/TKIP and WPAv2/Auto while the other has only WPAv2/Auto. Both networks experience the same issues.


I actually have it disabled when my most recent user reported trouble connecting. It wasn't until I rebooted the AP before they could connect.
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Hi Thomas,

OK..I would go with the FW Upgrade to v9.21.19 if not done.( Here is some major fixes / Memory and stability related issues)

v9.21.20 is GA and will be available in some days over the portal page.
Maybe to go directly to this code.

See also

After the update I would suggest to open a Case within GTAC.