Summit x430, C25 Wireless controller and Access Point 3805i dropping It's WiFi clients randomly

  • 13 August 2015
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Hi Folks,

I got an Extereme wireless controller and Access point for my infrastructure, We have a database and more that 40 servers over the cloud (AWS) with 3 Lease lines. As technology company Techies used to connect with different remote tools to cloud. But the worst part is that the Extreme products are dropping wifi clients randomly You might know how it's difficult to establish a connection again

I have contacted TAC as usual, they asked me to check your hosts not Extreme devices Anyone could you please help me

3 replies

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If you are sure it is not a client issue (you use one of certified wifi clients with appropriate drivers) please use the wireless capture (realcapture feature) and return to GTAC with all details about the client and the capture. I fixed so many times this issue by driver upgrade...
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The Extreme rep was exactly correct to point you in the direction of the wireless client (host) device. It is the host that initiates any connections and it is the host ONLY that controls which networks to join and when/how to roam to other APs. Specifically its the device drivers that control this and outdated drivers is the No.1 cause of problems.
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Hi Naseef

When clients drop connections, very rarely is it down to an infrastructure problem, there are only a few instances when an AP will initiate or force the disconnection of a client device. I would start by looking at the client devices themselves. First task is always check the wireless adapter device drivers and make sure they are on the latest version. 9 times out of 10 this will get rid of connectivity issues.

If you still have problems, then take a look and make sure that your RF environment meets with the requirements of the device (i.e. primary RSSI, secondary RSSI and SNR). You may also want to do some spectrum analysis of the environment to ensure that you do not have any sources of non 802.11 RF that could be disrupting communication.