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Surface Pro will not connect to an AP despite it having the best signal and location relative to the Surface Pro

Our wireless environment consists of IdentiFi wireless version EWC C5210 and a mix of both 3825i and 3610i AP's. A user with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will not connect to an AP that is located directly outside of his office. The AP in question is a 3825i. Despite reboots, disassociating, tweaking tx power, the surface will connect to every other AP in the area except for this one. At one point, the Surface even was connected to another AP despite it being past the threshold set. There are other active clients attached to it but for some reason, no matter what is done to the Surface, it will not connect to this specific 3825.

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Pierre I found this article, it may help.
Surface Pro 4 does not connect to SSID with management frame protection enabled
Unfortunately , it is already disabled.
Are you using DFS channels?
Under the Radio tabs, Radio 1 is set to All Non-DFS-Channels and on Radio 2 is set to auto
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You've mentioned that the Surface connects to another AP - what model is that ?
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Could you please also post a screenshot of the advanced radio settings.

Just a example of mine...