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Switchport displayed in NAC v7.0.6.27

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NAC v7.0.6.27 I have noticed and am curious why do some devices in my extreme nac report the ap they are connected to, while other devices show the port the ap is connected to? How do I make sure I am always displaying the AP name?

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Hi Dean, could you post a screenshot.
Do you also use ExtremeControl to authenticate clients on the switch port or only wireless clients.

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Good point Ron, We are authenticating both wired and wireless clients. However, As I look at these further I see the devices showing the port display-string are disconnected from the AP, while the devices that show the actual AP name are still connected. This is not really a big deal. I thought I might have had a few switches misconfigured, but I think I get it now. Thanks forgetting back
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Hello Dean,

It sounds like you probably have some APs connected to switches and have authentication enabled on the switch port itself.