Third party AP support

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Hi guys

I have configured a physical interface for third party AP's as per the attached screenshot.

I then create the Wlan 3rd party service but am a bit lost as to how this mapps to a outbound topology.

I currently have 2 ISP's connected to esa1 on different vlans.
I would like to map the thrid party AP's traffic to one of the ISP vlans.

With a normal WLAN service I can set the B@HWC topology af default or apply a role that B@HWC.

With the third party WLAN you can not assign a topology.

Any assistance on how the thrid party AP works and how to configure it.



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Via a third party VNS you can apply access rules/filters to wireless traffic running over a parallel wireless network but our controllers do not manage non-EXTR APs