topology configuration for multiple site wireless service

Hi together!

We are in the process of migrating a C25 Controller to V2110. This is the perfect time to review our configuration. 😉

I need some 'best practice' advise for topology configuration. The wireless service in question is tied to a 'bridged at ap' topology (untagged VLAN 5). Later it was extended to other sites, that do not carry VLAN 5, but VLAN 6. As it is an untagged topology everything seems to be working fine. But as VLAN 5 and 6 end in different IP subnets, I am affraid this could cause problems (e.g. with roaming users or future NAC usage).

So the question is: How to configure a wireless service + topology, when aps are bridging to different untagged vlans.

possible ways i was thinking about:
  • one wireless service per site (sharing same SSID) + topology per site
  • single wireless service + generic 'untagged bridged at ap' topology for all sites
Thanks for your help.

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Hi Robert

For your scenario I would recommend using the default "Bridge@AP" topology that is already created by default.
If your traffic is always untagged it each site the single Topology will work just fine.
It also simplifies your config. (No extra Topology configs)

You can still have different roles assigning to each site but using the same Topology.

Hope this helps
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Could you be roaming in and out of different sites? If so I would suggest disabling inter-wlan roaming -
Hi together!

Thanks for all your advices. I migrated all compatible APs to the net V2110 and everything is working nicely.
For future reference: I used the defaut bridged@AP Topology for multiple wireless services - this simplified the config a lot. Roaming to different subnets should be no Problem in this environment, as sites are pretty widespread.