"Total clients" the two pair of controllers in HA?

It’s possible to obtain the total clients associates in two controllers working as HA-pair? In the reports —> custom report—>obtains the “total associate clients per controller”, not the total in two controllers. Thanks.

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Yes, the below screenshot show "all clients" on 4 WLAN appliances = 2 pairs.


Thanks, now is possible, curiously, other times when was selected the second "Target: Wireless Network", the system delayed a lot of time before to show all active MAC address (>8.000), no the option "wireless network", but this time I waited, and finally showed the option "wireless Network". This was what i looking for, thanks again.
Continuing with the "total clients", there is some SNMP variable to obtain this value? i know the individual SNMP variable per IP controller, not by the "wireless network"(HA-pair). Thanks.