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Tx/Rx Wireless Mismatch

I suspect I have an transmit and receive mismatch between the client and the AP - the client can hear the AP fine, but does not seem to be able to push data back. Is there a stat that I can look at to verify the Tx and Rx differences?

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Look at the RSS on the client side then look at the RSS from the server (wireless side). What are the differentiators. Also, what is the radio dBm level set to? If it's to high, you might just create that scenario. I tend to limit both 2.4 and 5 Ghz to 14-15 dBm.
I am hoping there is a way I can do this all from the controller itself. Clients can be finicky and present incorrect information.

I'm really looking to provide some form of hard-proofs. I won't be able to lower dBm until I can show why it's not working.
What is the current dB level for the radios and why are they set the way they are?
They are both set to 18 dBm. They are pushing through walls. The clients have good SNR and RSSI, but have poor performance.