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Unable to receive IP address on the 2nd SSID.

Hi Team, We are encountered a recurring problem again regarding our remote deployment of APs. We created two types of VNSs for a certain site for SSID1 see images (01-04) and the SSID2 see images (05-08). We just followed the same steps we had in the past and worked perfectly in those remote sites. But now we are having this problem that when you try to connect to the 2nd SSID the client cant receive an IP. Please see attached config of the AP (09-12). I also attached the config of tge switch for your reference. Please see the screenshots of the two connections (last 2 images). We hope you can help us with this concern. BR, Carlo

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What strikes me is your RBG Megamall PMC B@AP topology is set to tagged with a VLAN ID of 108, but your switch has AuraPMC tagged with VLAN ID 114.
Thank you for the advice.

Another query regarding our installation. What could be the cause why our controller cant detect the new access point that needs to be configured? I ve already connected it to the network and no progress in detecting the new AP. Could help us with this...