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Upgradation of Identifi Wireless from 9.x to 10.x

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We are planning to upgrade our C5210 controllers and 3805i Access Points from 9.21.x to 10.x

From release notes it says upgrading from 9 to 10 will have licensing issues.

What precautions need to be taken before and after the upgradation.

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Sai Prasad,

Yes, we would require a separate license for version 10, when upgrading the controller from Version 9.
Prior to the upgrade, ensure we take a back-up of the configuration file.

Note:- Schedule a small MW to perform the upgrade Activity.

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What is the procedure to obtain the new license , should it be done before/after upgradation.

should we involve TAC during the upgradation ?

What are the issues if I upgrade to 10.x and don't install the license.
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There is whole paragraph in the release notes on how to request a key.

So please read it - you'd search for "EXTREMEWIRELESS V9 TO V10 REQUESTS FOR NEW LICENSE KEYS"

You should request the key before the upgrade and need you need a valid service contract to request a license.

No need to involve the GTAC - call them only if nothing works after the upgrade 🙂
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Please follow the below-mentioned KB Article


After upgrading the controller to V10, you would be given a grace period of seven days to license the software with permanent activation key.

Apply the license key after upgrading the controller to V10. After the expiration of grace perios, the wireless controller would start generating event logs every 15 minutes, indicating permanent license key is required.

If you experience any issues with this process, please contact the GTAC for assistance.

Hope this helps.

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Please don't forget to do a full backup of the system before making the upgrade.
This should be done by default.
In problems you could just go back to the last functining setup.

Please read the Releases notes before upgrading and check if you need do more upgrading steps before you can upgrade from your version 9.21.x to the version 10.x in order avoid config miss issues.