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upgrade error v9.21.17 to v10.31.02

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Here the controller log.....

Both controller of the pair show the same error so pretty straight forward.

If someone want to open a ticket to track the issue please do so I'm unfortunately too busy to work on another one.


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Hi Ron,

i guess this will be in conjunction with this new V10.31. feature:

AP LAN MAC address as Called-Station-ID:

+ This feature allows the user to configure Called-Station-Id overwrite flag with a newly added checkbox.
+ When the above check box is enabled, the Called-Station-Id can be overwritten for both the wired and wireless client with the AP Management port MAC address in the Radius request.
+ When the above check box is disabled, the wireless client Called-Station-Id uses the BSSID value for the wireless client as before and the AP Management port MAC address for the wired client.

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I have discussed with engineering and it is a bug that we will fix as soon as possible.

I created this article: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/identiFi-controller-upgrade-log-shows-unrecognised-called-station-id-ssid-command-error-after-upgrade-from-9-21-17-to-10-31-02

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Resolved in firmware 10.31.03 or higher