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v10.11 known restrictions - FCA

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As per 10.11.01 release notes....

When configured to 100% Airtime, the Flexible Client Access (FCA) [aka, Airtime Fairness] feature is limited to 50 simultaneouly transmitting clients per radio on aP3900 series models.

What I don't unterstand is if that will be fixed in a patch or is that a limitation that will not be changed.


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Hi Ron,

For the Wave 2 platforms we migrated to using the FCA algorithms from QCA because our previous solution was not designed to operate with MU-MIMO. The current limitation of 50 clients is not a hardware limitations per se, but as we are still accessing the new algorithm as well as its MU-MIMO dependencies, 50 clients was the initial target which covers most deployments. We will consider increasing that in the future as we learn more from MU-MIMO deployments.