v2100 mac address block list

Is there any possibility to skip mac block list a guest SSID.

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Hi, I'm sorry but I don't unterstand what you are trying to do.
Could you please describe your problem in more detail.

we are using EWC | V2110 and using 2 SSID 's also. One is Guest another one is using our employees.we enable the mac whitelist also.so that our guest SSID is note connecting Wifi (because Whitelist/blacklist)

We need full access for Guest user without any security.Is there any solution for this
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Sorry but as soon as you enable whitelist it's globaly enabled on the controller and used for all SSIDs.

What you'd do is to disable whitelist and if you like to have your employee SSID "secured" by MAC authentication (even that isn't very secure) you'd use RADIUS.
So the controller asks the RADIUS whether this MAC is in his database and get's an accept or reject back.

Dear Ronald,

My employes Using multiple devices like (laptop and tablet).The RASIUS allow two mac address same user ?

Thank you for your replay
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Yes that is working BUT you'd need to add all MACs in the database of the RADIUS.

So in example if you use a Microsoft server you'd need to install RADIUS and also Active Directory.
In Active Directory you add every MAC in the database.
So I think if you are not familier how to do it it's kind of an overkill just to check MAC addresses.
You'd also use freeRADIUS but once again you'd need the skills to configure it.
Thank you for your replay.