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v2110 with ap 3825e and ap 3865e

I have been trying to get a virtual V2110 to work with AP 3825E and 3865E . From the controller I can ping the dhcp ips add assisgned to the AP but cant seem to connect to them. I figured that maybe it was the controller that had an old image and so tried to download a newer trial version but I cant seem to be able to do this either.I keep getting an error. Please advise.

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May I ask what version of firmware you are running on the V2110 controller?

Allen George
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Not enough information - please post a more detailed/precise problem description / setup / configuration / what you've done so far to troubleshoot the issue.
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Please see the following article in the GTAC KB article 9999:

Original AP3825 models would work on earlier 09.12.01.xx code, but some newer models require 09.21.08.xx or later.

Is AP Registration checked on the physical topology used for management?

Are the AP's in the same subnet as the physical topology or are they in a remote subnet? If remote, either DHCP option 78 or a DNS record will be needed. Also, a default route will be needed on the controller as seen here:


Ryan Careno