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v4110 migrate to c5210


I am newer to the IndentiFi Wireless line. I have been searching thru the forums and I have not found enough information to keep from posting this question.

I have a customer that is migrating from v4110 controllers to C5210s. They need to transfer/migrate about 120 AP 3610 licenses. Is that something they could call into GTAC to get done ?

Are there any caveats with the 5210 controllers and the 3610 APs (like the 5210 needs to be on version 9 ? )

Eventually, the customer is going to replace the 3610s with 3935s.

Thanks in advance


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Hello Jake

You will need to work with Sales as AP capacity licenses are different between different model controllers and the ones for your C4110 can not be applied to the C5210. See link below:
3600 series AP's will only work on 9.x code so your new C5210 will likely need to be backreved to V9. If you received a V10 regulatory Domain license with your new controller you will need to have them get you a V9 instead. GTAC can not do any of this you will need to contact sales.
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Just to make sure....is it a C5210 or a C5215 ?!

Because the C5215 only supports v10 and that would mean you can't connect AP36xx APs.

Normally you'd order the transfer licenses during the order of the new controller.
sorry for the late response, the controller will be C5210.
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That is fine the C5210 can run 9.x code that is required for AP3600 AP's. Keep in mind the 9.x code is end of support Dec 2018. This means no further bug fixes or releases will be available from Engineering after that time. Get those 36xx AP's swapped out ASAP
thank you