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Virtual Wireless Controller vsphere 5 trunk problems

Dear all,
i have one problems with my virtual wireless controller i think trunk ports not working, i have setup the physical interface fort mgmt and it working on untagged mode when im trying to make new topology and to send tagged traffic (trunk) i cannot ping nothing from virtual wireles controller. Can u please someone explain how do i need to configure the vsphere, i have tried all the documentation that i can find in support to install virtual appliance on vsphere. Regards
in the vsphere i have selected all vlans to be trunk in port configuration.

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You need to set up the Vswitch being used in Vsphere to "Accept" Promiscuous Mode and to "Allow All VLAN's (4095) so that it can function as a trunk port and properly forward packets intact with tags for various VLANs that may be configured for B@EWC topologies that are tagged etc ... I'll look up the KCS article that explains this and post it here also.
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How to configure vSwitch properties For V2110
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One more question , do i need to create lag port like in physicial controller and which port do i need to make trunk esa0 or esa1 for VLANs. Tnx for you help./
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You should not need to do either of those things ... in fact ... that's extremely rarely done for our virtual controllers. Typically ... there's really only one underlying physical NIC being used. The most common practice is to configure the Vswitch being used as I have detailed previously ... and then disable power to the Management Port of the controller ... leave Esa0 powered up and running ... and leave Esa1 powered down. The switch port that the Vsphere is connected to on "behalf" of the controller's Esa0 port ... will need to be tagged for any and all VLANs you are trying to egress out of the controller to other parts of your LAN/WAN of course in this scenario.