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W-Lan AP-Controller tunnel

Dear Support Team,

we have changed the Controller Software from Version to and after this the tunnel between the Controller and the AP’s doesn’t work right, in my opinion. All VNS Networks are configured as Bridge@HWC, so I think you should only see the MAC Address from the AP on the connected Switch-Port, right?! But in our case we will see the W-Lan Client Mac on the the Switch-Port. The port authorization is starting with the new Mac Address the V-Lan on the Switch-Port switch to the new V-Lan, the AP can’t reach the controller and reboots. The AP and the connection to the Controller come’s up until the Next W-Lan Client try to connect the VNS.
What’s wrong, is it a software or configuration Problem?

Thank you for your assistance

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Check if you have selected the correct topology for your VNS (under WLAN Services).

If no topology is selected as default topology, the WLAN Client's packets are visible at the switch port, because the then used default is B@AP, untagged.

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There was a big change in roles - could you post a screenshot of one role so I'd take a look.

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Further to Ron and Kai's comments, you might find this article useful: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/What-changed-with-IdentiFi-policy-and-roles

Hi together, thank you for your fast and good assitance. I will test the described configuration tasks and give you the feedback asap.
Hi Kai schöne Grüsse von einem Ex-Kollegen.
MfG Markus Pliske