WDS Bridge Point-to-point Link

What the behavior of a WDS Bridge link between two sites in an controller loss scanerio?

Will it maintain the WDS Link ?

Exemple: Using two Access-point 3865, with two options enable: ( Maintain client sessions in event of poll failure, Restart service in the absence of controller)

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WDS will still work in that case.
That was the intention, but it isn't working.

I'm running V2210 in with 2 AP3865E with no comunication with the controller and the WDS Bridge link is Down.

I have open a case
The Document in gtac is not clear about the WDS

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I'm running a V2110 with the same version and I've just enabled my WDS and it works if the link to the controller is down ( AP3801i in my case).

My setup....

Controller - LAN - AP-parent ......... WDS.......... AP-child/WDS bridge - LAN - PC

Is it the same for you = connect LANs in different buildings via WDS or is the client in building#2 connected via WLAN to the WDS-child.
If that is the case what privacy/authentication is used on the WLAN service.

The Setup is that. Site 1 : Controller - LAN - F.O - Site 2: - LAN - AP Parente ....wds.... SIte 3: AP Child - Lan - PC.

Tomorrow we will investigate
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Does the WDS link stay up for a few minutes before it goes down?

If so I believe in this case the preferred option is to use MESH, not WDS.

If you really have to use WDS for some reason, for example, an existing deployment, it maybe easier to create a site and add parent and child to this site.

Let me know if this helps.