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What do the LEDs indicate on the WS-AP3865 access point?

We found follwing LED status for our AP- 3865e on connecting existing connection where AP-3620 is working properly but at same location AP-3865e is not working.

Radio-1 - Green blinking
Radio-2 - Green blinking
Power - Red blinking
LAN - Red & Green blinking Simultaneously

However on connecting this AP-3865e Directly to Switch on the same port the AP- 3865e is being activated.

Please guide.

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Hi Chetan,

you can find this information in your Extranet Account: Downloads->Wireless Acces Points->Wireless User / CLI / Hardware Guides->Access Point AP3865e 3x3x3 802.11ac, 802.11abgn (Outdoor)->IdentiFi Wireless AP3865e Installation Guide