What is the best practice when setting up Extreme APs in a non-Extreme environment?

I want to configure and manage AP's in an environment with out Extreme switches or an wireless controller. Is there a best practice for this? What the best way to manage them without NetSight or OneView?

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What model are we talking about - there is no standalone model available.
Or is it a "old" 2630/2640/3630/3640 ?
Brand new 3825's
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You can't configure the AP without an controller.
As the AP has no SNMP agent running you also can't "manage" it with an NMS via SNMP.

So you need a controller and that one is running SNMP to query the MIB table.
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Appliances in some form are the suggested model. Even if you were using a competitors AP, lets say it supports "the cloud" model or "software" that sits on a standalone server in your network, they are all still using some type of appliance the access points sends data to.
Is there a secure way to manage the AP's from our (we're an IT support company) WC without using a VPN?
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Yes, we support the secure tunnel feature on the access points. This will build an IPsec tunnel from the controller to ap.
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VPN would be the best way to secure them for Management purposes. Can you tell me a little bit more about your configuration?
The site has a T1 connection from their ISP, they have one site that everything points to ( 5 or 6 small branches) with just an AP or a dumb switch. At their main site they have older Cisco switches and a server, phone system and a Cisco wireless controller that they do not want to continue using.