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What is the best wifi spectrum analyzer to use with Enterasys 3610 APs?

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What is a good device to analyze channel congestion?

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I bought a MetaGeek Chanalyzer a while back. It's a great tool, and the price is right. I bought the kit that included the interference finder which is VERY useful for hunting down noisy, stupid, broken "stuff" that is ruining your wireless network. It's important to note that your wireless devices don't see ghosts. They are not trained for it. So to truly pick up radio noise, you need a special device. And that is the interference add-on.

Other things I like about Chanalyzer:
  • Support is great! If you maintain support after the first year is up, you get software entitlements (the hardware doesn't change all that often)
  • Their report builder helps you make pretty reports for your boss, customer, or whomever (no additional fees for that)
  • Their device finder has a flat directional antenna so you can really pinpoint the ghosts
And of course, at the end of the day you can say "I TOLD YOU IT WASN'T MY NETWORK" and provide that scientific evidence. 😉