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when restart extreme controller c5210 flash device unmount

when restart extreme controller c5210 flash device unmount version

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If you are still having an issue with the controller please free to contact the GTAC for further assistance.

i cannot open a new case at gtac.
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Ok, please let us know how we can help you further.
I donot recieve any response please help to solve this problem.
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- why are you unable to open a GTAC ticket

- what exact model/maker is the flash, have you tried a other model/maker, does it happen with more then one controller
I have 2 controller and flash donot have any problem with other controller,
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OK so you have 2 controller with v10.31.03 and 1 has a problem with the flash card.

What happens if you put the flash that doesn't work in the other controller - does it work or not ?
That would tell us whether it's a controller or flash issue.
flash mount at any controller and i see filese when restart controller flash unmount at one of the controller and other controller donot have any problem.