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Where can I find DHCP lease information on IdentiFi v10.11?

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With dhcp enabled on identifi V2110 controller running 10.11 code, where do i see the details of lease info?

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VNS >> Topologies >>
click on the created topology and look for DHCP:Localserver and you can see the lease time by clicking the "configure" button.
how to clear leases in identifi (9.21.6 in my case)? ran out of leases, reduced lease time, but the now obsolete leases are not automatically cleared.
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You can't clear the leases via the GUI.

But you'd set the topology to "use relay" and any IP and save - then set it back to "local DHCP" - that should reset/clear the lease file.
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Very good Thanks Ron
Thanks. Later found this also https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-delete-the-DHCP-lease-file-on-the-IdentFi-Wireless-Controllers basically it is possible to go to the shell level and edit the leases file. I would add to the How To that the default writing cycle of the dhcp daemon to this lease file is 5 minutes, and it is best to start editing after the next write is done so one gets full 5 minutes editing time.