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Which Firmware Release Path?

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It seems there are two firmware release streams for the Wireless product, 10.1.x.x and 10.11.x.x We have recently started deploying (still testing) Extreme Wireless and I came across this post https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/wireless-clients-sporadically-getting-limited-connectivity-aps-dropping-packets?topic-reply-list[settings][page]=3#topic-reply-list We have pretty much the same setup, using AP38xx series APs. We're running the 10.11 latest firmware but the post above states alot of the issues in that post are fixed in, which is newer than our 10.11 firmware. I'd like to preempt this issue so which path is the recommended path to go with? Do we know what the purpose of two different release streams is aswell? will the fixes in 10.01 be implemented into a 10.11 release?

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Hi Ian,
We are testing v10.11 and have some improves in the web interface to manage aps config.
We are tested the behaviour in 9.21.08, 10.01 y 10.11 and the stability was ok with a basic configuration.
If you are going to buy 39xx aps I think is better than you deploy a 10.xx enviroment. 10.01 or 10.11??? I am also asking the same.

Why are you deploy 38xx instead 39xx?? Sure than are more expensive, but I think that wave 2 are going to improve a lot the capacity of the wireless network... Any comment?
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V10 is the major release - V10.11 a minor release with some added features.

In my opinion - if you don't need this new features wait and go for 10.01 in the meantime.

"will the fixes in 10.01 be implemented into a 10.11 release?"
Yes they will - you'd read the release notes for details...
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Hi, Yeah I like the changes with 10.11 so I'm hoping any issues will also be patched into any future 10.11. Moving forward we are purcashing 39XX series APs. We procured earlier this year and its only now we are in a position to start rolling out, the AP38xx series was not a recent decision.
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Hi Ronald,

Sorry didn't see your post as posted at same time.

I understand the process, I just see that issue in the post I linked as a big one, don't see why Extreme would'nt then release these fixes pretty swiftly into a minor 10.11 patch as they seem quite a big deal.

Or is it of the view that for the short term if you want the fixes then follow the other path of firmware.
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Hello Ian,

10.01.06 is actually newer and has more bug fixes than 10.11.01.

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So really the recommended release is the latest 10.01.X.X?
I am on Right now, no reason to move as the 10.xx code isn't as stable in general.