Which MAC to use for V2110 voucher activaton?

I want to create an activation key for my V2110. Therefor I have to enter a MAC Address. I want to use the V2110 on an ESX Server-Farm with several hardware servers and several MAC Addresses. Which MAC Address should I use for activation and will the V2110 run on other hardware if moved by ESX?

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Hello Marco,

open the Web View of the Controller (https://IP:5825) and navigate to Controller \ Software Maintenance \ EWC Product Keys. There you can find the Locking ID under "License Summary". This is the MAC you use for Activation.

The MAC of a virtual machine does normally not change if you move the machine from one host to another.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards, Ralf
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You could also set statically the mac address for the v2110 management interface from esxi. It does not let you change the oui but you can change the last 6 characters. Make sure it is a unique value.
Thank you guys!
I got it workin correctly.