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When using the "All active clients Report" the last column show DL Lost Retires, does anyone who what this means, Thanks Mark

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DL stands for Down Link, from the ap to the clients. What is the # of DL lost retries packets compared to packets sent/rec'd? It is normal to have some lost retries.
its different per ports, all the users seem to have these errors some more than others, will investigate the users with the highest amount of errors, Thanks

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Specifically Down Link Lost Retries means that no ach for the frame and subsequent retries was received by the access point from the client, so the frame is dropped.
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FYI, the UL ( Up Link ) Dropped Due To Rate Packets/Bytes and DL Dropped Buffer
Packets/Bytes refers to the stats related to qos/rate profile drops. The DL Dropped Buffer
Packets/Bytes relates to the buffer pool shared by all clients.
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I guess users with a high ratio of the DL Lost Retires compared to their total transmitted / received packet count could indicate an RF issue that could be tuned with some troubleshooting...like using some program like insider to see how many bssids you see in the air, sorting by signal strength and then making sure you don't have any co-channel interference etc.

Guess first step in troubleshooting would be to see if there are any noticeable user effects for users with high ratio of DL Lost Retries compared to total packets transmitted / received.