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Windows 2012 DHCP how set low lease time for roles that use SSID with same name but different networks

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Hi, I've got in my demo lab a WLAN that use 802.1x authentication and roles with different topologies. The unauthenticated user is on a B@AP untagged networks as my role "staff", but the role "student" is on a B@AP tagged network. When I use the student role, there is a long time before I receive the correc t IP address on the client....I think the problem is related to the lease time of my DHCP (windows 2012 R2)..how to reduce it in manner to have the switch between the two roles more quickly? Below the screenshots of my configuration:


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right-click on the scope of the wireless clients and select properties to change the lease to the desired value...

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Thanks Ron, in effect is what I'v e made...probally the problem may be due to an asimmetric routing or a wrong bootprelay....I'll ivestigate in this direction.
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Can you tcpdump/wireshark the client and server to see the DHCP exchange? i.e. you will see if the first DHCP requests fail to go through or if the DHCP exchange just starts late.