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We have 4-5 Extreme wireless AP's model WS-AP3825i in one of our buildings. In this particular building, we will intermittently experience issues where the wireless signal will fail, users will be disconnected from the wifi multiple times, and/or the signal strength will change from excellent to limited. We generally have to go over to the site and power cycle each AP to regain proper operations. Our sys admin looked at logs and noticed possible DoS attacks (PS - Poll Flood Attack) on the offending AP log which we feel may be a false positive. Could there be interference from an external suddenlink customer that is across the alley from us?

Also noticed the wiring to one of the AP's is cat5e as opposed to cat6 (is there a wire requirement on these?)

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution? I am not sure where to start.


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Cat5e will be 100% fine with those APs. Also, where are you located (where is the building located)? Do you have ATPC turned on? Also, what do you have set for DCS (Dynamic Channel Select)? Monitor or Active?
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How close together are the buildings? Seems strange that this is only happening on one of them. So unless you have configured that 'site' differently, I think you can rule out configuration problems.

What about the switch that is powering them? I had some issues at my remote sites that were using Cisco ASA5505's (very small, and the PoE is not reliable). I found that when the AP was taking a lot of connections, it would randomly drop offline, reboot, or go into a weakened state. Perhaps check the switch and see if it's lacking the power to drive these AP's. In my case, it was only a handful of AP's and using PoE power injectors fixed the problem.
I am gathering answers to these now. I'm still the 'new guy' at my location and a lower level tech. I will get access to this information. Thank you for the responses.