wireless controller API integration with APP popup message

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who can provide wireless controller API ?
My customer want to integrate with APP .
When APP connect to AP ,APP popup diffrent messages.

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Hello I am a little confused what you are asking for here could you provide a little more detail?
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I did run these questions by Product Management and got this for an answer:
We don’t have that API exposure in ExtremeWireless™️.
ExtremeWireless™️ existing interfaces are described in the integration guide: http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/wireless/9034918_Wireless_Integration_Guide.pdf

From the (very) high-level below, one option to address would be for customer to develop a system that subscribes to our even log (Syslog). User events, including associations, are published via the Syslog interface as events. Customer’s service could receive these events and generate own triggers into their app to change app presentation layer.

The Wireless appliances also expose user location information (Location) as a periodic batch report (1-5 mins) that can be assessed to drive user engagement experiences, such as point-of-presence (triangulated location/location area) based business logic. This is a native capability of ExtremeWireless™️.

We are however expanding the API capabilities of the portfolio and with ExtremeManagement™️ 7.0.2, ExtremeConnect™️ is being extended to provide an MU Event Streaming facility(LBS-RT API) as a programmatic interface (HTML REST). The interface requires NMS-ADV license. “Additional capabilities are currently in the works and will be publicly available shortly”.